Can Certain Foods Prevent Cavities?

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Recent discoveries at a 2000 year old burial site in Central Sudan have left researchers amazed. Of the remains in this post-Mesolithic burial site, less than one percent have any signs of tooth decay. This rare level of ancient dental health is being attributed to the bacterial inhibiting properties of the purple nutsedge, a grass that was likely a nutritional staple for the people buried in this site.

Modern Oregonian gardeners know purple nutsedge as a noxious weed and are unlikely to resort to eating its tubers for dental health. However, several foods can help strengthen teeth and may even help prevent cavities from occurring. For example foods high in calcium and magnesium can strengthen teeth while those high in B vitamins and iron may reduce risks for gum disease. When combined with a thorough oral hygiene and biannual visits with Beaverton family dentist Dr. Michael Negru, nutrient-dense foods can help keep your natural teeth healthy and strong for a lifetime.

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