Do I need to Have my Tooth Repaired?

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Some issues, such as chips and small cracks, are primarily cosmetic and do not necessarily need to be addressed right away. However, even those issues that seem minor may have larger consequences when left ignored, making it important that you discuss concerns with Hillsboro dentist Dr. Michael Negru as soon as they arise.

If you have questions about tooth repair in Hillsboro or surrounding areas of Oregon, please call Dr. Negru at 503-848-3606 to schedule an appointment at our Beaverton office.

Tooth repair options offered by Dr. Negru include:

These treatments all offer specific benefits and can be used alone or in combination to correct myriad structural and cosmetic issues. The best way to learn which of these tooth repair options is right for you is through a thorough examination from Dr. Negru.

Tooth repair is typically preferable to extraction and can often be used to preserve the tooth and prevent its loss. If you believe you have a tooth that needs repair, please contact Bright Smile Dental online or by calling 503-848-3606 to schedule your appointment today. Based in Beaverton, Dr. Negru welcomes patients from Aloha, Hillsboro, and surrounding Oregon communities.

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