What Causes Bad Breath?

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Bad breath can be caused by foods you eat and beverages you drink. It is no secret that foods such as garlic, onions, and peanut butter can cause bad breath, nor is anyone surprised when coffee, beer, or soda produces an unpleasant odor. However, chronic bad breath is more often a sign of a larger oral or systemic health issue and should be brought to the attention of Dr. Negru at your next visit to our Beaverton general dentistry office.

In order to determine the right bad breath treatment to meet your needs, Dr. Negru must first establish the underlying cause of your condition. These causes may include:

  • Tooth infection
  • Gum disease
  • Sinus problems
  • Respiratory issues

Some cases of bad breath can be cured by improving your dental hygiene routine and making more frequent visits to our Beaverton dental office for cleanings and examinations. Other solutions may include root canal, prescription mouthwash, or periodontal treatment, all of which will be dependent on your unique needs.

If you have moved beyond wondering what causes bad breath and are now looking for solutions, please contact Bright Smile Dental Care today. Dr. Michael Negru serves patients in Beaverton, Aloha, and Hillsboro, Oregon.

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