What Does a Family Dentist Do?

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A family dentist provides routine dental care to patients of all ages. This can include a range of services from emergency dentistry to regular dental checkups. A family dentist has all of the credentials of a dental education, including dental school and clinical training. Just like other medical professions, family dentists also need to take a licensing exam and undergo continuing education requirements to keep their licenses current.

A dentist who specializes in family dentistry must be well versed in all areas of general dentistry to be able to address the needs of everyone in the family. Most family dentists focus on preventative care, including routine cleanings and checkups. They may offer many other services depending on their specific training. In this way, they can meet the needs of the entire family by working together.

Another reason that you may want to select a family dentistry practice is convenience. If you have more than one child, our family dentist, Dr. Negru, makes it easy for you to schedule any routine care at the same time. In addition, children respond very well to Dr. Negru’s up-beat personality and relaxing demeanor.

As a family dentist, Dr. Negru will get to know you and your family over the years. This personal relationship can help him make more effective oral health recommendations. Because Dr. Negru gets to treat patients from an early age, he has a unique ability to monitor oral development and spot potential issues early on.

If you live in the Beaverton, Oregon area and want to learn more about the family dentistry services we offer, please contact Bright Smile Dental Care today.

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