What is Xylitol?

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Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar substitute that is common in a number of organic and natural toothpastes. This safe alternative to chemically produced artificial sweeteners can also be found in some chewing gum, food, and candies. However, the benefits of xylitol go far beyond its ability to sweeten various products. In fact, several clinical studies have shown that xylitol is highly effective in the prevention of cavities, making its addition to toothpastes and sugar-free gum all the more beneficial.

Beaverton dentist Dr. Michael Negru highly recommends natural toothpastes that contain xylitol for both children and adults. As a holistic family dentist, Dr. Negru is dedicated to providing information about natural products that have been shown to improve oral health and beauty. He would be happy to discuss xylitol and other natural ingredients found in oral care products during your next appointment to help you better understand which options are ideal for your smile.

If you live in or around Beaverton, Oregon and are looking for a friendly and experienced holistic dentist, please contact Bright Smile Dental online or by calling 503-848-3606 today. Dr. Negru is proud to help patients of all ages living in the Oregon communities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Aloha maintain optimal oral health.

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