Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

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Oral cancer screening exams are important medical tests done when you’re at risk but may not have symptoms yet. They help detect cancer at its earliest stage, when the chances for successful treatment are highest.  If you wait until you have symptoms, the cancer may have already spread.  Beaverton dentist, Dr. Negru, performs oral cancer screenings as a part of his routine check-ups.

The main risk factors for oral cancer include the following:

  • Tobacco use of any kind
  • Alcohol consumption

Oral cancer affects your throat and the back of your mouth. In its early stages, oral cancer may go unnoticed, which makes it even more important to get screened.  It can frequently prosper without producing pain or symptoms, and it has a high recurrence rate

Oral cancer usually appears on the lips, on the top or bottom of the mouth, the tonsils, and the inner cheeks. It is usually detected when a sore forms that won’t heal.

Other oral cancer symptoms can include:

  • A lump in the oral area
  • White or red patches inside the mouth
  • Mouth bleeds
  • Pain or numbness in the mouth
  • A persistent sore throat
  • Difficulty when chewing or swallowing
  • A swollen jaw
  • Altered voice
  • Ear pain

Ideally, you should get an oral cancer screening every year. It is a quick procedure where our dentists would evaluate you for the warning signs and advise you on treatment.

If you want more information on getting an oral cancer screening, please contact Bright Smile Dental Care to set up a consultation.

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