Wild Blueberry Extract and the Prevention of Gum Disease

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Researchers at Université Laval in Canada have begun to look at blueberry polyphenols – known to protect plants from disease – as an effective method to prevent the development of gum disease. Preliminary studies have shown that Vaccinium angustifolium Ait., an extract of the wild lowbush blueberry, can stop the bacterium Fusobacterium nucleatum from developing in dental plaque. Fusobacterium nucleatum is a bacterium that plays a key role in the development of gum disease.

Beaverton holistic dentist Dr. Michael Negru believes that many of our oral health problems can be addressed through natural and plant-based solutions. If you are looking for a dentist who incorporates both advanced modern techniques and technology with time-tested holistic modalities, please call our office at 503-848-3606 to schedule your appointment today.

The prevention of gum disease may be aided by a number of natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and neem. Choosing a toothpaste with one or both of these ingredients and using it to brush after every meal and snack can, when combined with twice daily flossing, be incredibly effective in preventing many oral health problems. During your next visit with Dr. Negru we would be happy to discuss your particular oral health needs and which products would be most effective in keeping your smile strong and healthy for years to come.

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