Missing teeth present both aesthetic and functional problems. The aesthetic problems are obvious, but functional issues may be much more subtle – until they’re not. Even one missing tooth can result in adjacent teeth slipping out of place, alter the tension and strength of your bite, and cause premature damage to remaining teeth. What’s more, missing teeth can cause the jaw to shrink and collapse, altering the appearance of your entire face.

If you are missing one or more teeth, call Aloha implant dentist Dr. Michael Negru at today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

Two of the most common tooth replacement options are dental bridges and dental implants. Dr. Negru can use either of these options to prevent adjacent tooth slippage, restore strength and tension to the bite, and prevent uneven tooth wear. However, only dental implants can prevent structural changes to the jaw.

Inserted directly into the jaw, dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth, giving them unique advantages over other tooth replacement options. Implants are not, however, the best option for every smile. Dr. Negru can discuss your candidacy for this procedure in greater detail during your initial consultation.

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