It has long been claimed that chewing sugar-free gum could help fight cavities, but researchers from the University of Groningen in Holland have only recently discovered just how helpful gum can be. According to their report, chewing sugar-free gum for 10 minutes after eating can remove 100 million bacteria from the mouth. However, chewing gum for periods longer than 10 minutes allows all of those benefits to be reversed as bacteria is re-deposited onto the teeth.

Beaverton family dentist Dr. Michael Negru takes a holistic approach to dental care – one that can certainly include chewing gum after eating. It should be remembered however that some sugar-free gums contain aspartame and other artificial sweeteners that can cause digestive distress. We recommend patients select gums sweetened with xylitol – a plant-derived sweetener that boasts a number of oral health benefits of its own.

Chewing gum can act as a nice addition to your oral health routine, but should never be seen as a suitable alternative to brushing and flossing. During your next appointment with Dr. Negru, we would be happy to discuss ways you can bolster your daily dental care and help you better understand the many benefits offered by taking a comprehensive preventive approach to your oral health.

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