CEREC Crowns

So you've just bit down on a hard nut and cracked your tooth? Look no further! Stop by our office for an exam and get your tooth fixed all in 1 day with our CEREC milling machine! Within most dental offices it can sometimes take up to 3 weeks and 2-3 office visits before the crown is completed. With CEREC's advanced technology, it is able to mimic the look of a natural tooth; from the shade and translucency down to the ridges and contour of the tooth. Your crown will be sculpted from a solid block of porcelain on our computerized CEREC milling machine, based on intraoral scans taken on our CEREC scanner. The milling process takes anywhere from 4-20 minutes making it possible to get your crown restorations complete in one office visit! Give us a call @ 503-848-3606 with any questions you may have.