Dental implants enjoy a number of advantages over other forms of tooth replacement. Because implants are inserted directly into the jaw, they do not need to rely on adjacent teeth for support. This helps reduce damage to surrounding teeth and can even assist in preventing additional tooth loss.

Other advantages offered by dental implants include:

•A full restoration of strength and function

•No risks of coming loose or falling out

•Natural-looking restorations

•A permanent solution for missing teeth

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One of the largest benefits offered by dental implants is the prevention of changes to the jaw. The root of a tooth both holds the crown in place and sends signals to the body that bone is needed in that area of the jaw. Once a tooth is missing, those signals stop and, eventually, the body reabsorbs minerals in that area of the jaw for use elsewhere in the body. This causes the jaw to sink or collapse and can permanently alter the appearance of your face.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that addresses the missing root to prevent structural changes to the jaw. This is made possible by the process of osseointegration, where a dental implant is accepted into the jaw as a new tooth root and treated by the body in the exact manner as the natural roots adjacent to it. Dr. Negru can discuss this and additional benefits offered by dental implants in greater detail during your initial consultation.

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