A lasting solution for tooth sensitivity brought about by enamel erosion may be just around the corner. At least that’s what Chun-Pin Lin, a professor of dentistry at National Taiwan University is hoping. Lin and his colleagues have developed a biocompatible shield to cover teeth with exposed dentin. This shield, comprised mainly of calcium and phosphorous, seals dentin tubules, serving to both protect this inner layer of the tooth and prevent the sensitivity related to its exposure.

Initial testing of this new material has shown it to be much more effective than topical solutions such as toothpaste. There is no word, however, on how long it will be in the testing phase before it is approved for general use.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Michael Negru keeps on top of advancements in biocompatible tooth care that may one day replace synthetic alternatives. Strongly committed to the health of your entire body, Dr. Negru does not offer treatments that have yet to be proven safe and effective.

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