Even the advanced professional teeth whitening options offered by Dr. Negru can only produce results for so long. Over time, the foods you eat and beverages you drink will begin to darken teeth, requiring a return visit for another round of whitening. You can, however, take steps to lengthen the amount of time in between visits while also improving your overall oral and general health.

For starters, if you smoke, stop now. Nicotine causes tenacious stains and can yellow teeth in a matter of days. Smoking is also linked to an increased risk for gum disease, a common cause of bad breath, and a direct cause of oral cancer.

In addition to not smoking, try to minimize your consumption of dark beverages such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Drinking water along with or immediately following the consumption of these darker drinks can help prevent some staining as well.

Avoiding certain foods and beverages can help reduce staining risks, but brushing after every meal and snack will actually remove surface stains. Combining regular tooth brushing with biannual visits to our office for professional cleanings will help ensure your teeth remain healthy and attractive long after your initial whitening treatment.

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