If you are missing one or more teeth it is important to fully understand your replacement options. Because missing teeth can result in a number of oral health issues – including bite irregularities, jaw collapse, and additional tooth loss – speaking with Aloha dentist Dr. Michael Negru about your options is not something that should be placed on the backburner.

Two of the most common tooth replacement options are:

• Dental bridges – supported by adjacent teeth, bridges secure custom-made dental crowns for aesthetic and functional restorations

• Dental implants – inserted into the jaw, implants are the only form of tooth replacement that can prevent jaw shrinkage

It is important to remember that while dental implants may be the only solution that prevents eventual changes to the jaw, they are not right for every patient. The strong and completely customized dental bridges offered at our Aloha area office are equally capable of restoring strength and appearance, and can help support the bite sufficiently enough to significantly delay the onset of jaw shrinkage.

There are a number of options that can be used to replace missing teeth. The best way to find out which is right for your smile is through a one-on-one consultation with Aloha family dentist Dr. Michael Negru.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Negru, please contact Bright Smile Dental Care today. Located in Beaverton, we welcome patients from Aloha, Hillsboro, and all surrounding communities.