A new documentary film, Evidence of Harm, explores the damages mercury has on the body, the mind, and the environment. Officially selected for several film festivals, Evidence of Harm focuses on the results of myriad government, university, and nonprofit studies into the threat metal fillings pose to everyone – not just pregnant women and children – who have had them placed. Released in a limited number of theaters in October, a video release date has yet to be set.

See the preview HERE

Why Replace Metal Fillings?

Mercury accounts for nearly 50% of the metal used in most amalgam fillings. Studies have shown that mercury in fillings can leach into the blood stream, increasing risks for dementia, Alzheimer’s, nervous system disorders, cancer, kidney disease, and respiratory failure. These risks are so high that the FDA suggested metal fillings not be placed in pregnant women and children – a suggestion made years ago by the ADA.

Dr. Negru believes all patients deserve to be protected against the dangers posed by mercury. He would be happy to meet with you to assess your current restorations, discuss how metal fillings can be replaced, and help you determine if this procedure is right for you.

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