Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of TMJ. These are often a result of pressure placed on the trigeminal nerve by muscles that have tensed due to misalignment. They may also be caused by muscle tension alone. In both events, TMJ headaches can be debilitating in much the same way as a migraine.

TMJ is one of the most commonly overlooked causes of frequent headaches. Due to this, many people look to medications for relief. Treating TMJ headaches with analgesics however is a very temporary solution. Overuse of these medications can also lead to serious systemic health consequences. Fortunately viable and longer-lasting solutions exists.

Beaverton dentist Dr. Michael Negru is pleased to offer TMJ treatments that address underlying misalignment to produce lasting pain relief. Combining advanced technology such as TENS therapy with customized orthotic solutions, Dr. Negru is able to address both immediate and long-term discomfort. Better still, these treatments can fully restore alignment, helping reduce the frequency of headaches and other TMJ symptoms, and preventing more serious systemic consequences that can accompany this common disorder.

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