We often attribute tooth grinding (bruxism) to stress or anxiety. Indeed, many people occasionally grind teeth during stressful situations. However, by and large, tooth grinding is an involuntary response that occurs during sleep and may be related to bite abnormalities such as missing teeth. Tooth grinding may also be related to sleep apnea.

Regardless of its cause, tooth grinding can have a tremendously negative impact on your oral health, particularly the strength of your teeth. For information on addressing your tooth grinding, call Beaverton dentist Dr. Michael Negru at 503-848-3606 to schedule an appointment today.

Treatments for Tooth Grinding

Since a majority of tooth grinding takes place during sleep, one of the most effective treatments is a customized mouthguard to be worn while sleeping. If bite irregularities or sleep apnea are at the root of your tooth grinding, Dr. Negru will discuss specific treatment options for those issues during your appointment as well.

Lifestyle changes such as reducing caffeine intake and practicing jaw relaxation may be useful for long-term tooth grinding relief. What is best for your needs will depend on factors unique to your bruxism and can be determined during your appointment with Dr. Negru.

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