If you are missing one or more teeth, you have likely noticed some aesthetic impact. Indeed, restoring an attractive appearance to the smile is one of the key reasons people consider tooth replacement options such as dental implants. However, restoring a flawless appearance to your smile is far from the only reason addressing tooth loss is important.

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What Happens When a Tooth is Missing?

When a tooth is missing, adjacent teeth will begin to slip into the empty space. This can alter bite tension, cause uneven tooth wear, and impact the overall strength of your smile. What’s more, your body will reabsorb the minerals surrounding a missing tooth, resulting in structural changes to your face and eventual jaw collapse. The only way to avoid these issues is by replacing the missing tooth’s root.

Our Beaverton family dentist offers a number of tooth replacement options including dental implants and implant supported bridges that help prevent all of the problems caused by tooth loss. During your next appointment we can assess your needs, discuss our services, and help you choose which tooth replacement options are right for you.

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