Bruxism (tooth grinding) is a fairly common habit in the United States. In some cases, tooth grinding occurs unconsciously, even during sleep, and it’s not always related to stress. No matter what the cause of your tooth grinding, finding a solution to make it stop is important. Left untreated, this condition can lead to a host of dental health problems and may even cause teeth to fall out completely.

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Tooth grinding can lead to uneven tooth wear – an issue that can increase risks for infection and decay. This common habit can also increase changes for tooth trauma, make teeth come loose, and cause eventual tooth loss. What’s more, bruxism is one of the leading causes of TMJ, a neuromuscular disorder that may result in significant pain, chronic headaches, and other discomforts.

A customized oral appliance worn while sleeping is the most common treatment for tooth grinding. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Negru may also recommend additional treatment options including stress reduction techniques. This will be discussed in greater detail during your tooth grinding treatment consultation.

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