Hi-Tech Dentistry

Cerec primescan

Dr. Negru uses CEREC Primescan to produce customized dental crowns in-house. This CAD/CAM technology allows you to receive your dental crown in just one office visit. 

CEREC reduces your number of office visits and eliminates the need for temporaries which are used when dental crowns are created in a lab.  Dr. Negru has the very latest in Cerec technology and has been an user since the technology first hit the US Market. 

Dr. Negru is one of the very few dentists in the Portland Metro area to be pioneering Cerec technology. 

OPMI PICO microscope

OPMI pico is a compact dental microscope that illuminates the surfaces of teeth to allow a better look than what can be seen by the just the human eye. The microscope also features a camera to simplify patient consultations and documentation, which elevates the level of dental care for patients.


Cone beam 3D CT scan digital imaging is used in the planning phase for guided dental implant surgery procedures. This technology produces very detailed 3-dimensional images of your mouth, allowing Dr. Negru to determine the placement of your dental implants with greater precision.


This advanced piezoelectric technology minimizes trauma to soft tissues such as a sinus membrane and provides precise instrumentation when preparing the bony areas of the jaw for implant placement or for bone grafting and sinus lift procedures. Dr. Negru uses this technology because of quicker healing times and the precision that it has to offer during complex dental implant cases.