Implant supported bridges provide an efficient and effective solution for replacing a full set of missing teeth. This option provides an excellent and permanent alternative method to traditional dental implants and dentures. Dr. Negru typically utilizes Nobel Biocare™ Tapered Implants for implant supported bridges.

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If you opt for an implant supported bridge and Dr. Negru confirms that you are a good implant dentistry candidate, your treatment will most likely be completed within two office visits. Comparatively, traditional methods can take months to complete. Implant supported bridges are a superlative treatment if you prefer a shorter procedure and a faster recovery.

Implant supported bridges are also an ideal alternative if you lack the bone structure necessary to support other dental implant options. With traditional implants, if your jaw bone lacks the required bone density, you’ll need to have a bone graft. Bone grafts can take months to fully integrate into your jaw to provide the stability and strength needed to support the traditional implants.

The implant supported bridge procedure can bypass this process using strategically placed dental implants at specific locations in your jaw bone. The implants are angled with a slight taper, allowing them to provide support even if you have low bone density. Dr. Negru then utilizes those implants to secure a dental bridge. Securing the bridge to the dental implants provides a hold that is far superior to dentures and traditional dental bridges alike.


Dr. Negru understands the importance of maintaining your healthy smile long-term. Our implant supported bridge procedure makes it possible, even if you’re missing a full set of teeth.

Some of the advantages of implant supported bridges include:

•Durable, long-lasting results

•Fast and effective procedural completion

•Easily implemented daily oral hygiene care

•Freedom to follow a normal diet

•No removable appliances to deal with

•Ideal for patients lacking the bone volume to support traditional dental implants

Thanks to this revolutionary technology, your new teeth will give you the ability to speak, chew and smile with comfort and confidence.

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